Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Students Going to Jamaica: Karen Tam

Hi! I am Karen Tam and I am a dual-degree graduate student in Business Administration and Public Policy. Coming from a pre-medicine and healthcare consulting background, I came to graduate school with an interest in domestic health policy and management; however, after a summer abroad working in health clinics in rural Rwanda, my interests have expanded to global health. My long term career interests aim to intertwine my experiences and talents in management mixed with my pre-medical knowledge in emerging markets. I am particularly interested in using private sector solutions from corporations to engage the public sector in healthcare. Through the BMP SLP, I want to engage the community and put my studies into real practices to directly impact patient access to quality healthcare services. I will also bring the lessons learned forward to my summer internship with GE Healthcare in Bangladesh. I am particularly excited to be leading this team as everyone truly has a heart of learning and we will be experiencing different cultural, professional, and team challenges together. I cannot wait to see how the next 10 days will unfold.

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