Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Students Going to Jamaica: Amelia Foo

After four years living in the income security of a cushy cubicle job with Deloitte, I finally decide to leave this comfort zone in Chicago for ten days and join my best friend from college and her fellow grad school friends on a trip Jamaica. Not Ochos Rios, not Montego Bay, not Negril… but Hagley Gap- a small rural community resting near the famed Blue Mountains. Away from the white sandy beaches and black cliffs and tourist resorts, this rural community has been the focus of the Blue Mountain Project, which has worked over the years to develop the community by administering healthcare, building infrastructure, and starting up new businesses. Taking time-off from work is almost a misnomer, given that I plan to work on a sustainability project together with the Students Engaged in Global Healthcare of University of Michigan. I hope that my title as “Consultant” in my current corporate job would manifest the skill sets in tackling issues faced in this rural community, and to continue the efforts of the Blue Mountain Project. As much as I wish to contribute to this community, I sense that this trip would more than anything, be a lesson for me- in living the life of simplicity and happiness, and having the hope that better things can happen when we are all in this together.

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