Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Students Going to Jamaica: Jeri Stroupe

My name's Jeri--I'm a Master's student in Public Health (Management and Policy) with one year left to go. Since I can remember I've been interested in international health usually in terms of what we (the US) can learn from other countries, but have little perspective as to what others can learn from us. What I am hoping to gain out of this trip to Hagley Gap is a further understanding of what their community needs and what I and my fellow group members can provide. I think this will be a huge learning experience for me since 1) I have not worked before in a setting focused on operations and project management, 2) my group members are mostly senior to me and have had experience working in resource-poor communities, and 3) I have had very limited experience in developing countries. What I'm hoping Hagley Gap gains is a more efficient system for receiving medical service groups, more organized medical records, and a steady supply of basic drugs/medical supplies. Most importantly (in my opinion) I look forward to mutual cross-cultural understanding and communication with people living lives incomparable to my own.

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